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Mining is our core business. While maintained a leading position in copper industry, we have been diversifying our business into lead, zinc, rare earth and gold industry area.
Aiming at creating best copper industry, Jiangxi Copper owns a complete copper industry chain - mining, milling, smelting, processing and research. Jiangxi Copper’s mines were operated in Asia, South America and Europe. Jiangxi Copper kept the leading position of raw materials self-sufficiency rate and copper production capacity in Chinese copper industry, which also was the second largest copper producer in the world. Jiangxi Copper was the largest copper products supplier in China, which owned five main operation systems, more than ten kinds of copper products.
The industry chain including “mining, milling, smelting” of Lead and Zinc, Jiangxi Copper was the first domestic lead and zinc smelter which used advanced Kivcet lead smelting process. It showed an exemplary role for Chinese lead-zinc industry integration and technology upgrade.
As one of the light rare earth producer in China, we extract rare earth under a beautiful environment with advanced equipment and reasonable layout.
Jiangxi Copper was the largest domestic associated gold producer, gold and silver was recovery during copper smelting operation. A large gold company with integrated “mining, milling, smelting and processing” industry chain will be created in future.
Jiangxi Copper was an important main domestic rare and precious metals supplier. Through technique study and process innovation, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, molybdenum, selenium, tellurium, rhenium and other rare metals were recycled from copper ore and copper smelting process.
We are vigorously developing our service system closely related to our operations, by extending it to both ends of the value chain to promote combination and linked development of both operations and services, improve specialization, socialization and internalization of out financial and trade business.
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