JCC Employee

  • Solidary

    It is the expression of our unity and motivation. It means that we share with one goal, harmonious and inclusive. It is our consensus on JCC's business.

  • Creative

    It is the extension of One Mind. Aiming at creating value and improving performance, we make breakthroughs in the innovation of culture, mechanism, management and technology, thus enhancing our competitiveness.

  • Progressive

    It is the essential requirement of One Mind and Joint Creation. Mutual improvement emphasizes that different business should develop together and mutual improvement should be made between staff and the corporation, between the corporation and the society.

  • Gaosiyuan

    Tankhouse of the Guixi Smelter

  • Wei Ming

    Open-pit Section of the Chengmenshan Cooper Mine

  • Jiang Xiaodong (Yi nationality)

    JCC (Sichuan) Rare Earth Company Limited

  • Wang Yang

    Flotation Plant of Yongping Cooper Mine

  • Xie Jianhui

    Sizhou Flotation Plant of Dexing Cooper Mine

    The May Day Labor Medal, members of the 13th National People's Congress

    Having been work with electrical equipment for 28 years, I believe that we should broaden our knowledge and prudentially use it, and rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength. I have won many awards and been selected as a member of the 13th National People's Congress. In my opinion, JCC provides me a good platform to improve myself. As a member of it, I believe that we should remember our mission, fulfill our responsibilities and grow up with the company together.

  • Lei Yin

    Stope of the Chengmenshan Cooper Mine

    Model worker of Jiangxi Province

    I have been working here for over thirty years, growing from acommon ordinary staff to a provincial model worker. I am proud that I can make contributions to the company with my specialty. I believe that JCC's craftsmanship spirit will continue to thrive on us!