Circular Economy

We insist on green development. Several sustainable industrial chains of recycling the three wastes (waste gas; waste water; industrial residue) have been built, such as extracting copper from smelting slags and acid drainage, producing acid from smelting off-gas, generating electricity from waste heat and heap leaching.
  • Extracting copper from acid drainage

    We recycle over 1,000 tons of copper from acid drainage each year and purify and treat over 20,000 tons of waste water per day.

  • Circulation of industrial water

    The recycling rate of industrial water is over 92%, and the weakly saving amount is equivalent to that of a West Lake.

  • Heap leaching of waste ores

    We established the first heap leaching-extraction-electrowining plant in China, which can recover more than 1,000 tons of cooper each year.

  • Producing acid from smelting off-gas

    We established China's largest plant that produces acid form smelting off-gas. The total utilization rate of sulfur is over 97%, which reaches the advanced level in the world.

  • Extracting copper from slags

    Recovery of more than 1000 tons of copper from waste water each year, and more than 20000 tons of waste water per day

  • Generating power from waste hea

    We recycle residual heat from smelting off-gas, and in this way, we can generate more than 200 million kW•h electricity each year, which could provide year-round power for a town with a population of more than 500,000.