Energy Conservation and Enviroment Protection

Aiming at creating a beautiful environment, we are not only striving for today's world, but also making contributions to global cooper industry together with our partners as a Chinese company.
  • Complete construction of the processing system

    During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, we totally invest 5.6 billion RMB to build over 400 environmental protection devices, including 9 large wastewater treatment plants. 1.6 billion RMB has been invested to protect environment every year. The environmental protection system has already completed in all subordinated plants and all monitoring index meet the national standards.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

    Our efforts have paid off. As for green mines and smelers, Jiangxi Copper stands in the leading position in the world and has built an environmental control system covering all processes of the copper industrial chain.

  • Reducing tailings emissions and land occupancy

    If one ton of ores contain more than 1.5 kg copper, they will be beneficiated to reduce the tailings and the use of land. The land where copper is smelted occupies less than 2/3 of the national standard, thus saving millions of land resources.